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Training course for running newbies

You would like to take part in the KoRo Women's Run Berlin as a runner over 5 kilometers, but don't feel fit enough yet? Running instead of walking is your goal? Then our preparation course is just right for you! You should already be able to run for ten minutes at a time, no matter what pace. We will accompany you for the last four weeks with a training plan, joint training sessions and lots of motivation so that you will happily cross the finish line on May 4th, 2024.

Units: 4 training units of 60 min

Dates: April 11th – May 2th, 2024

Time: Thursday, 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Location: 3 x Tiergarten, 1 x KoRo Café Berlin-Schöneberg

Pre-conditions: run for 10 min at a time / current sports health

Participants: 10 - 25 participants

Price: 48 €

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Registration is possible from November 14th to April 9th as long as participation limit has not been reached before.

In addition, the SCC EVENTS devision Sports & Medicine is available to all sports enthusiasts with advice and support, various running camps and much more. No matter whether you have just started running or you are already an experienced athlete looking to beat your personal best time.