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Training course for novice runners

After a great initial success, we are planning another group training course for beginners to prepare for the KoRo Women's Race 2024. As soon as these plans are finalised, you will find all of the important information on this page.

In addition, the SCC EVENTS Division of Sports & Medicine is available to all sports enthusiasts with advice and support, various running camps and much more—whether you are a novice runner or an experienced athlete wanting to beat your personal best time.


Get fit for the KoRo Women's Race Berlin

Training tips, courses and much more for your perfect preparation

How should I train if I am a beginner? Should I eat before or after training? In our training section you will find lots of tips and training offers for your preparation for the KoRo Women’s Race Berlin.

Training tips for your first 5K run

Your mind is made up—you are ready to start running! Is your goal to run instead of walking the the KoRo Women's Race in 2024? Then you've come to the right place. Our running expert and sports scientist Angela Hänsel will provide you with the most important tips for your start in running training and will explain the most common mistakes beginners make. 



Join our training course and get ready together

You may have a lot of questions as you get started. It's easier to prepare for the KoRo Women's Race together.