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Your registration for the KoRo Women's Race Berlin 2024

Be yourself—and be there! Here you will find all the important information about your registration for Germany’s largest charity women’s run. Registering will boost your motivation and excitement as you look forward to this unique event “for women only”.

Information on registration for 2025 will be announced here.




5K Run:

A great challenge for newcomers as well as regular runners.


10K Run:

The classic distance where you can fully enjoy the euphoric atmosphere over two laps.


5K Walking & Nordic Walking:

Liven up together the Tiergarten, without any pressure.


10K Walking & Nordic Walking:

For all those who want to get a solid effort with a double applause from the audience.


Participation limit

5K - 10.700 participants
10K - 6.000 participants


According to the event name only women are allowed to participate.
Following the German athletics regulations the age groups that may participate in the competitions are:

5K: from age group 2012 (U12)
10K: from age group 2010 (U14)

Further participation options

For women who, despite their interest in our event, can not be there. Or for those who are not yet ready to complete the full distance.

We offer the following events:
The younger runners can start at the Bambini Running Series.
Women who cannot start at the event day may be interested in our virtual KoRo Women's Race.

Participation fee:

Level I29,00€16,00€
Level II33,00€19,00€
Level III37,00€22,00€
Late registration45,00€25,00€


Level I29,00€16,00€
Level II33,00€19,00€
Level III37,00€22,00€
Late registration45,00€25,00€
Level I29,00€16,00€
Level II33,00€19,00€
Level III37,00€22,00€
Late registration45,00€25,00€

For an additional fee, you can secure additional services for your participation in the KoRo Women's Race. You can find more information here


Charity Team

With a Charity Team, you can support women affected by cancer in Berlin beyond your participation in the run. This makes the Women's Race Berlin even more fun!

The idea is simple: You form a team with other runners or walkers. Together you collect donations in your community. The Berlin Cancer Society uses these funds to help women who are in financial need due to having cancer. A Charity Team consists of at least 2 participants.

Are you interested in more information about the Charity Teams? The team of the Berlin Cancer Society will introduce you to the campaign by e-mail and, if you wish, will support you in collecting donations with useful tips. Just write them an e-mail or form your Charity Team now and set up your donation page at

Generations Team

You want to run together with your loved ones? Then sign up as a generations team for the 10K distance! (The generations team is not applicable for the 5K competitions.)

Up to 5 participants can form a generations team. Here is how it works:

Step 1 - The Applicant:

  • One person agrees to register the generations team.
  • The registering person logs into her user account and start the registration for the event.
  • Within the registration process you'll be asked to "Create new team".
  • Enter your team name there. Then simply complete your registration.
  • The registration confirmation will be sent by email containing a team code. Please forward this code to your other team members.

Step 2 - Other members of the generations team:

  • Each team member needs an own user account to register.
  • Login to your account and start your registration for the KoRo Women's Race Berlin 2024.
  • When asked to "Join a team by code", enter the team code sent by the team applicant.
  • Each team member will receive their own registration confirmation after successfully registering with the code.