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GENERALI VeloCity Berlin News Volunteers

Volunteers wanted for the GENERALI VeloCity Berlin

You can find all the information and register right here.

GENERALI VeloCity Berlin is one of numerous sporting events organised bySCC EVENTS. Among the best-known events are, for example, the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON and the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON. Volunteers play a key role in the success of these highlights on the sports calendar. It is only with the support of these volunteers that the participants in the running and cycling events can really enjoy the events. We are still looking for volunteers for GENERALI VeloCity Berlin; read on to see how exciting such volunteer work can be!

Many volunteers in action

One of the volunteers is Dirk Richter. The 39-year-old IT specialist and family man is team leader for the area where the medals are handed out and the foils to protect the participants from getting cold are provided. He has been with the team since 2006 and in his current position of responsibility for about ten years. On the day of the event, everything has to fit together: The many volunteers and all the materials have to be in the right place so that everything can take place as planned.

Accordingly, such a day starts early for Dirk, very early, sometimes between five and six in the morning. The area at the finish line has to be prepared, and he has to ensure that the medals are all there and the foil packs are in the right places. 

Good organization keeps things running smoothly

Dirk sets up and puts everything in order. When the team arrives, he can immediately give the briefing and hand out the equipment to everyone. The medals are unpacked and hung on medal racks. The volunteers -  on the day of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON there are up to 100 people on Dirk's team - have to be made aware of the possible complications.

There must be no jams in the corridors at the finish. The finishers are to run along the lanes and move on quickly after the medals have been handed out. Another point: there are always people who want two medals, one for their grandma, for example. Of course, that is not included in the calculation.

Volunteers are essential for successful events like VeloCity 2022.

A figurehead for Berlin

From the moment when the medals are hanging from the volunteers' arms rattling, Dirk can finally relax a little. By then, most of the work has already been done. The feeling at the finish, when the runners cross the line and get their medals, is enough to give you goosebumps. Some are quite exhausted, but most are also incredibly happy.

There are many reasons for volunteering. Dirk's answer: "It's a good advertisement for the city of Berlin when an event goes well and people say after the event: ‘Wow, Berlin has really impressed me once again’. When the athletes at the finish line say: ‘You volunteers did a really amazing job again.’ When the runners say: ‘Man, Berlin was so much fun again.’

Volunteer at the cycling event

If you want to experience the second edition of GENERALI VeloCity Berlin up close, you still can sign up to volunteer. We can promise you lots of exciting moments when the cyclists race past you on the course and you show them the way. With your voluntary, energetic and friendly support as marshals, you make GENERALI VeloCity Berlin possible and help create a unique emotional event.

Every volunteer receives a volunteer shirt, a water bottle and an allowance of 20 Euros. And, of course, the thanks of thousands of participants! Because one thing is clear: without you, nothing would roll.