KoRo Women's Race Berlin on 13 May 2023

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KoRo Women's Race Berlin on 13 May 2023

Register now: KoRo Women´s Race Berlin 2023 - live & virtual

The KoRo Women's Race Berlin focuses on the joy of movement.
You decide what the best discipline and distance is for you: running, walking or nordic walking, for five kilometres or ten. In addition, you can choose to start in competitions with our without timekeeping. 

Together, we will turn the Tiergarten into a feel-good arena and party zone for a day, while supporting the fight against cancer. And the means: Everyone who register for the KoRo Women's Race Berlin will do good: one Euro per registration will be donated to the Berlin Cancer Society. If you form a charity team, you can do even more. Together you collect donations and then share the joy of the run and all the good work you achieved together. This makes the KoRo Women's Race Berlin even more fun!

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