AVON Women's Race Berlin 2019 on 18 May 2019

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  • Award Ceremony





    10km Walking

    17:10 Uhr

    10km Nordic-Walking

    17:10 Uhr


    17:10 Uhr

    5km Walking

    17:45 Uhr

    5km Nordic Walking

    17:45 Uhr

    10km Run

    19:15 Uhr

  • Certificates and Results

    Participants in all events without timekeeping will receive a participant certificate in the finish area.

    In addition, all results will be availbe online on Saturday evening under the link to "Results".

    Printing the finisher certificate out of the results’ list at our website will also be possible in the proven manner.


    The results of the walking competition is without ranking but in alphabetic order.

  • Finish Area


    Subjekt to change

    Stand 2017

  • Time Limit and Chip Return

    The finish is open until 7:45 pm.

    Rental chips must be returned to the marked areas by 9 pm.

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