Women's Race Berlin 2022 on 14 May 2022

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  • Awesome Extras

    bib number magnets: 8.90€

    • Goodbye safety pins! The Women’s Race BibBits help you to attach your bib number without leaving nasty wholes in your running shirt. Turquoise or pink – choose your favorite!
    • Set of 4 magnets

    *as long as stocks last

    Certificate: 7.50€

    To protect our environment and for reasons of sustainability, we send your personal finisher certificate only on order. Approximately 4 - 6 weeks after the event, the certificate will be sent to you by mail. The printout of the finisher certificate from the result list on the internet is still possible in the usual way.

    Medal engraving: 11€

    • have your medal engraved with your finish time in the post finish area

    Insurance: 0,99€

  • Registration deadline

    Registration is open until May 02, 2022.

    *if the limit of participants has not been reached before.

  • Eligibility

    According to the event name, only women are allowed to participate.

  • Participation fee

    Periodadult Youth (2003 and younger)

    10 km run/ walking/ nordic walking (only with time keeping)

    until 09.03.2022

    24.00 €

    15.00 €

    10.03. - 02.05.2022

    30.00 €

    18.00 €

    5 km run/ walking/ nordic walking (with time keeping)

    until 09.03.2022

    24.00 €

    15.00 €

    10.03. - 02.05.2022

    30.00 €

    18.00 €

    5 km run/ walking/ nordic walking (without time keeping)

    bis 09.03.2022

    22.00 €

    13.00 €

    10.03. - 02.05.2022

    28.00 €

    16.00 €

    pupils: 5.00€

    Bambini: 3.00€

    *As long as the contingent is not exhausted

  • Generation team

    You want to run together with your loved ones? Then sign up as a generation team for the 10 km distance*! Here's how it works:

    Step 1 - The registrant: 

    • One person agrees to register the generation team
    • The registering person logs into his user account or creates his own account beforehand
    • In the registration process press the button "Create new team" and enter your team name there
    • Then simply complete the registration
    • The registration confirmation will be sent by email and you will receive a code. This code will be given to the other team members of the generation team.

    Step 2 - The members of the generation team:

    • Each team member to be registered needs a user account  
    • Select the event "Frauenlauf Berlin 2022" in the user account. 
    • Start the registration process and at the point "Join a team by code" redeem the code sent by the registrant there. 
    • Each team member will receive their own registration confirmation after successfully registering with the code. 

    *the generation team offer is not valid for the 5 km competitions

  • Charity Teams - Make a real difference!

    Charity Teams - go one step further!

    With a Charity Team you can support breast cancer patients beyond your participation in the run. The idea is simple: Form a team with other runners or walkers and enjoy the Women's Run Berlin together!

    Together you collect donations, which flow to 100% into the consultation and financial support for breast cancer patients by the Berlin Cancer Society. A charity team consists of at least two participants.

    If you would like to learn more about the Charity Teams, please click on the field "Yes, I would like to learn more about the Charity Teams" within the registartion. Mr. Wagner from the Berlin Cancer Society will introduce the campaign to you by e-mail and will support you with useful tips on how to collect donations if you wish. On www.berliner-krebsgesellschaft.de/frauenlauf you can set up a donation portal for your charity team.


    Ralf Wagner from the Berlin Cancer Society is your contact person.

    Ralf WagnerPhone: 030 - 28 38 89 96

    E-Mail: wagner@berliner-krebsgesellschaft.de

  • Timing

    The time will be kept with the MIKA TAG. Since the MIKA TAG is a one-way-product, a return of the start number is not necessary and can be kept as memory.

  • Cancellation

    SCC EVENTS registrations are non-refundable (see §6 of Conditions of participation) and non-transferable. Only individuals who have officially registered are permitted to participate in races organized by SCC EVENTS. Running without an official registration or "running for someone else"  is a violation of the terms and conditions for a participation in SCC EVENTS competitions (§ 4) and will result in disqualifiacation.

  • How do I create a user account?

    It is obligatory to have an user account to register for the event.

    To create an user account, please click on Register. It is in the right corner, below the login mask. 

    Make sure that you fill in your personal data correctly, since you are not able to change it afterwards. 

    Only persons of age are entitled to create and own an user account.

  • Why can’t I use my previous user account data?

    We have changed the registartion tool. If you have created an account before May 01, 2020, these login details are not valid.

    In order to register for events from SCC EVENTS you have to create a new user account.


  • Why can’t I register a new user account with my email address?

    Please check the following requirements, in case your email address gets refused in the registration process:

    1. Make sure that the email address is filled in correctly and repeated accordingly.

    2. An email address can only be used once. It is not possible to register two user accounts with the same email address.

    3. Please use a private email address. It might happen that the email address of your company, university or school gets blocked.

  • How do I register a minor?

    Minors can only be registered via an user account of their legal guardian. During the registration for an event you will be able to choose if you are about to register yourself or a minor.

  • How do I verify my user account?

    Option 1: Verification via Link

    After you have created your user account you will receive an email to complete the registration. Please open your email mailbox via the same browser in another tab. Do not use a different program, app or browser to open the mailbox.

    Click the link in the email to verify your user account.

    You cannot click on the link?

    Copy the whole link and enter it manually in the URL-line. 

    Option 2: Manual Verification via code

    Please register yourself again with the exact same data as before, you will be forwarded to the verification page automatically. There will be the option for verification with a 5-digit code. The verification code you will find in the mail, below the verification link.

  • How do I redeem my access code?

    Please make sure that you enter your 12-digit access code in the Access code field first. The access code field is located on the home screen in your user account, above the event buttons.

  • Error messages

    “Invalid Code format (E-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX or XXXX-XXXX-XXXX)”

    Make sure that you have entered the access code in identical spelling, including the hyphens and capital letters. Also make sure that the code does not contain any spaces before, after or in between itself.

    “Code is not valid or redeemable”

    The code you have entered does not exist or is not valid anymore. 

    “Something went wrong! This voucher code is invalid. If you have an access code, please go back and enter it at the beginning of the registration process under “Access code”.

    you have inserted the access code in the wrong field, at the end of the registration. Please follow the description in the error message or the instructions in “How do I redeem my access code?” above.

  • How can I reset my password?

    If you forgot your password, you can reset it via the option “Forgot password?”. 

    Enter the same email address you used creating your user account. Afterwards you will receive an email with a link. Use this link to reset your password.

  • What is my user name?

    You always log in with the email address you have created your user account with. 

    The user account gives you the opportunity to register for several events from SCC EVENTS.


  • Registration page is empty?

    The site of your login, dashboard or registration does not show information besides an empty page

    We recommend not using the internet explorer since it is no longer supported by Microsoft and errors may occur.

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