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KoRo Womens's Race Berlin

The Tiergarten in pink

What a celebration. A total of 10,811 runners, girls and bambini showed plenty of commitment, vigour and joy of movement at Germany's largest charity women's run. Whether running, walking or Nordic walking - the KoRo Women's Race Berlin was not only about moving together, but also about making a difference. And for women suffering from cancer. Hence the colours of the T-shirts: pink and purple are the colours of solidarity for people suffering from breast cancer or cancer.

Lots of feelings of happiness at the 2024 finish line / SCC EVENTS - Sebastian Wells

One euro of the participation fee for this event is generally donated to the Berlin Cancer Society's hardship fund, and many participants donated more. Organiser SCC EVENTS increased the sum to a total of 16,000 euros. "Many people have been confronted with cancer in their family or know someone who has. We are very happy about the great commitment of the Berlin Cancer Society, which we are very happy to support," explained Jürgen Lock, Managing Director of organiser SCC EVENTS. "Only with a partner like SCC EVENTS it is possible to create and maintain a programme like the Hardship Fund," said a delighted Barbara Kempf, Managing Director of the Berlin Cancer Society.

"Feeling great despite the illness"

In addition to the donations from the participation fee, many women organised themselves into charity teams to motivate each other and collect further donations in their communities. One of the 54 teams: "Die Bewegten Frauen" (Moving Women), a team of women who have been affected by cancer themselves and have been taking part for many years. "Taking part in the KoRo Women's Race is simply a great way to feel great despite being ill," says Katrin from "Die Bewegten Frauen", who are not only a charity team but also a self-help group. 

Katrin from the "Bewegte Frauen" (Moving Women) campaigned for women with cancer again in 2024/ SCC EVENTS - Sebastian Wells

Blanka Dörfel and Christina Gerdes fastest runners

Traditionally, the KoRo Women's Race does not focus on the clock. "Be yourself" is the motto - and that's why all women who used the day to exercise together were celebrated on this day. But those who are on the hunt for fast times also got their money's worth. Two athletes from Marathon Team Berlin led the way: Christina Gerdes was the first to cross the finish line over 5 kilometres in 17:03 minutes. Blanka Dörfel won the double distance in 35:01 minutes.
We are already looking forward to next year. We'll see you again on 17 May!