AVON Women's Race Berlin 2020 on 16 May 2020

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2016 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON: Equipment Check


Check your equipment for the 2016 BMW BERLIN MARATHON. This includes your shoes, clothing (including socks) and if you use one, a heart rate monitor (e.g. new batteries). When you select your gear, be sure to take into consideration the possible weather conditions that could exist at the end of September in Berlin. Temperatures can range from 8° to 25°C. It is often sunny, like last year (max. just under 20°C), but there have also been rainy events too, like in 2010. Find more here


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2019-08-15 Speedy wheelchair race at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON
2019-08-07 Four national aces in the cards at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON
2019-07-23 World Class Ethiopian Quartet target top honours in 2019 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON
2019-06-25 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON with Women Power: Title Holder Gladys Cherono returns

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