AVON Women's Race Berlin 2021 on 15 May 2021

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The real,- BERLIN – MARATHON - this year for the first time under meteorological control


This year the Institute of Meteorology of the Free University Berlin, the society Berliner Wetterkarte e.V. and three grammar schools in Berlin will be recording the meteorological conditions along the route of the real,- BERLIN - MARATHON for the first time.

Five mobile measuring instruments, which have been purchased in the course of a project sponsored by the Robert-Bosch-foundation to establish cooperation between schools and research centres, will record the meteorological conditions during the run.

On Sunday, 30th September 2007, 5 groups of students will measure temperature, relative humidity and wind speed at selected points every ten minutes from 8am till 3pm. In addition they will record the weather conditions and pass on all collected data.

These measurements will be supplemented by data from the Berlin Stadtmessnetz of the Institute of Meteorology. Moreover, meteorologists of the society Berliner Wetterkarte e.V. will provide current analyses as well as forecasts of the weather (see www.berliner-wetterkarte.de).

All information concerning the weather will be collected, analysed and presented at the real,- BERLIN - MARATHON headquarters.

Actually, the weather is running as well!

For the first time ever, parallel to the marathon itself, weather conditions will be recorded, as they could have a considerable effect on the performance and on the health of runners.

All runners are equally exposed to the weather and have to prepare themselves adequately. High temperatures and high humidity put an additional strain on their bodies, slippery roads demand higher concentration and proper trainers, headwind can – depending on its strength – cause runners to turn cool and slow down.

After the race the medical board of the real,- MARATHON - BERLIN will analyse the meteorological data with regard to medical treatment required during the marathon.

The aim is, on the basis of this pilot study, to collect data concerning the weather on a large scale. In the run-up to future marathons participants of the real,- BERLIN- MARATHON could be provided with specific warnings based on the weather forecasts. In addition it is hoped that medical treatment during the real,- BERLIN - MARATHON could also be improved in the future.

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