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COMING HOME: Will the IAAF give the World Championships in 2009 to Berlin?

The IAAF was founded in 1913 in Berlin / Athletics has a great tradition in Berlin


On December 4, the IAAF will decide in Helsinki, the venue for the track and field world championships in 2005, where the championships are to take place in 2009.

The cities up for selection are Split, Valencia and once again Berlin. Berlin has already been unsuccessful in the selection process two times, but just like for the Olympic Games, one single attempt does not suffice to succeed, but what is rather needed is endurance, staying power, and a bit of luck.

Sporting city Berlin

Berlin has always been a sporting city, and athletics has a great tradition and success story in the past.

The German Athletics Association was founded on January 29/30, 1898 in the restaurant “Patzenhofer“ in Friedrichstraße 71 on the corner of Taubenstraße, while the Berlin Athletics Association was created on November 15, 1904. But track and field sports were a part of Berlin life long before that.

IAAF founding in Berlin

The IAAF, the International Athletics Association, was also founded in Berlin, a fact that has remained fairly unknown. The International Athletics Congress met from August 21-23, 1913 in Berlin in the “Prussian Parliament“ (today the Berlin Parliament) and founded the IAAF, then called the “International Amateur Athletic Association“.

In the past, Berlin’s athletes have made their mark in track and field sports with great successes—winning 346 medals at the Olympic Games, World and European Championships, great sports festivals like the ISTAF, Olympic Day, and major races like the real,- BERLIN MARATHON or the Bewag BERLIN HALF MARATHON; and with world records that were set at these sports festivals — and on the streets of Berlin.

The first president was J.S. Edström from Sweden
(picture shows the board - Source: Sport Museum Berlin).

Official founding congress of the IAAF, then under the name International Amateur Athletic Association, in the Prussian parliament in Berlin. The election of the first board of the IAAF took place here: President: J.S. Edström (Sweden); Members of the Board: C. Diem (Germany), P.L. Fisher (Great Britain), Frantz-Reichel (France), S. Stankovits (Hungary), J.E. Sullivan (USA); Secretary: Kr. Hellström (Sweden) The following was decided upon at the congress: - the standard Olympic programme for track and field, - the appointment of a commission that regulates the assessment of amateur world records, - the drawing up of a common definition of amateurism, - the appointment of a committee for questions on amateurism which all conflicts are to submit to, (Chair: Runge, Germany; Members: Barnard, Great Britain; Frantz-Reichel, France; Kirby, USA; Pishaller, Finland; Wetherell, South Africa), - the drawing up of rules and regulations which are to serve as the basis of track and field throughout the entire world.

The “Provisional Founding Committee for the creation of an international athletics association” sends out an invitation to a congress in Berlin for the establishment of the IAAF. The congress takes place in the “Prussian Parliament” (now the Berlin Parliament) from August 21-23, 1913.

The establishment of the IAAF in Berlin from August 21-23, 1913

Spectators entusiasm - in a stadium or on the streets

Berlin’s enthusiasm for athletics also has always been large, whether as spectators in a stadium or on the streets of Berlin, when hundreds of thousands loudly cheer on the runners.

If the board of the IAAF decides on December 4th to give Berlin the privilege of hosting the Track and Field World Championships in Berlin in 2009, then analogue to the Olympic Games in Athens it would be no exaggeration to say:


Berlin is bidding for the IAAF World Championships 2009!
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