Avon Women's Race Berlin 2021 on 15 May 2021

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The BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee Club and its members from near and far.

1.297 runners and wheelchair athletes from 14 countries are in the Jubilee Club


The BERLIN MARATHON has been around since 1974. On October 13, 1974, the 1st Berlin People’s Marathon was started at Waldschulallee 80 in Berlin-Charlottenburg with 286 participants (244 finishers). On September 27, 1981, the race was relocated to the Berlin city centre, with the start in front of the Berlin Reichstag and the finish on the boulevard Kurfürstendamm, between Joachimstaler Straße and the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.

Starting in the mid 1990s, the names of those runners who have successfully completed the BERLIN-MARATHON 10 or more times have been collected and the runners have been presented with a certificate honouring their long-time participation and loyalty to the BERLIN-MARATHON.

Membership Application
Because in the early days of the marathon the names of the participants naturally were not yet collected on computer, membership in the exclusive BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee Club does not follow automatically.

To apply for membership one must submit to the MARATHON running office proof of participation through copies of the participant certificates or of the times and rankings published in the lists of results.

So far only for runners and wheelchair athletes…but soon …
The BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee Club has so far only been open to runners and wheelchair athletes. In the future a separate club for inline skaters will be founded (this year is the 8th Skating MARATHON).

So far we have been able to initiate 1.297 runners and wheelchair athletes from 14 countries in to the Jubilee Club.

Hübner and Heine lead the statistics
Leading the stats are Bernd Hübner (Berlin) with the race number "201", with 30 BERLIN-MARATHONs under his belt, and for the women Christl Heine (Berlin) with the race number "F 101" with 23 starts.


We have also put together an alphabetical list of all Jubilee Club members:

Special Race Numbers
In 1998, the Jubilee Club runners began receiving special race numbers for the BERLIN-MARATHON (starting with No. "201" for the men and "F 101" for the women).
Our Jubilee Club members retain this race number for life, which is good for all races organised by SCC-RUNNING (ie. the BERLIN HALF MARATHON, City Night). The race numbers have a special green colour, making them stand out among the other runners and more easily recognisable for the spectators. We assign the Jubilee race numbers according to our receipt of the applications. Please understand that it is not possible to accommodate personal wishes for a specific race number.

Commemorative Certificate and Jubilee T-Shirt
Once their applications have been approved, all newly initiated Jubilee Club members receive the green Jubilee t-shirt and a special certificate signed personally by the race director.

…something for their back sides …
All Jubilee Club participants also receive with their race materials a special race number for their backs with a large Club logo, their full name, and the number of completed BERLIN-MARATHONs.

New Membership in the Club … if they make it to the finish
61 participants of the 31st real,- BERLIN-MARATHON, of whom 10 are women, will be competing in their 10th BERLIN- MARATHON next Sunday — and hopefully successfully making it through the finish at the Brandenburg Gate. They will then be honoured on stage with a certificate and club t-shirt.

When a member completes their 15th, 20th, 25th or 30th race, they will also receive a special commemorative certificate.

Coffee and Cookies
Bernd Hübner will be at the running fairs (BERLIN VITAL) of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON and the Bewag BERLIN HALF MARATHON with a special stand for members to meet, talk, and give one another advice. There will be coffee, drinks, cookies and cake. For the past few years there has been a special group training especially for Jubilee Club members in the Grunewald with Bernd Hübner – every Sunday at 9 a.m. (at 9:30 starting in November) at Waldschulallee 23 (Mommsen Stadium).

Special Items
Our SCC-RUNNING souvenir team offers other items exclusively for our Club members on our Jubilee Club Souvenir page, as well as during the SCC-RUNNING events at our souvenir stand.

Together we will be developing further activities for the "BMJC" (BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee Club) to continue to publicly emphasise the special connection between the runners and the event. The newest information about the Jubilee Club can be found in our news databank.

Horst Milde (Race Director 1974 - 2003)

Bernd Hübner
Jubilee Club Department Head

For inquiries and further information please contact:

Constanze Scholz at the running office of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON -
Telephone: 030 30 12 88 13
Fax: 030 30 12 88 20

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