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The Race Numbers for the 30th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 2003

and the necessity of filling out the reverse side - Important information in case of emergency


The most important utensil and ID for official participation in the 30th real,- BERLIN MARATHON is your race number.

The inline skaters have to pick up their race numbers—so that they can still get to the starting area on the Straße des 17. Juni on time—by noon on Saturday, September 27, 2003 at the BERLIN VITAL (MARATHON race number distribution) in the fair halls under the Funkturm (Radio Tower) in Masurenallee (across from the RBB television station).

The runners, power walkers, and wheelchair competitors have until Saturday, 6:00 p.m.—no race numbers will be distributed on Sunday! You will receive general information, as already mentioned in the skater and runner information, together with your race number. Here in short:

Front side of the race number:

The bib must be worn on your chest, unaltered (otherwise disqualification); safety pins will be included to attach it. It may start with a letter, which is part of the race number and essential for the results. Left of the number is your name (small) with year of birth and the competition (abbrev.), and the chip (if you are using your own). Right of the number is a barcode that is necessary for scanning in the rental chips.

Important note: If you are using your own chip, you must bring it along to be checked. All participants must go through the chip control. There is a letter above the barcode, which indicates the starting block—it corresponds with the letter at the entrance of your starting block. On the left of the race number there are two coupons—the top one for picking up pre-paid finisher t-shirts (with the size) and the bottom one for picking up pre-paid tickets for the BVG (Berlin public transportation). Both coupons can be redeemed in Hall 21b, at the extra souvenir stand and at the BVG stand. You can get extra public transportation tickets there, as well.

Reverse side of the race number:

The reverse side of the race number is very important for the safety of the participants and should immediately be carefully filled out. You are asked to fill in your first and last name, mother tongue, and what numbers are to be called in case of an emergency. In addition, your local address in Berlin (hotel, etc.) is to be filled in. Current as well as chronic illnesses, as well as medications taken, are to be listed to facilitate any emergency assistance. The information will help doctors react quickly in case of an emergency with a possibly life-saving diagnosis. The important emergency number is “112“ for the Berlin rescue team of the fire department. Call “112“ if you feel unwell and cannot recognise anyone nearby who could assist you; call them as well if you see a fellow runner who seems to be in trouble—or is standing or lying helpless on the side—or have a spectator make the call. Every minute counts in saving someones life. The fire department will centrally coordinate all emergency deployments for the participants (and spectators) in close cooperation with the German Red Cross and the involved hospitals, emergency stands, and doctors who will be accompanying the racers by bike, and others.

The German Red Cross Info Hotline “0800 112 2001“ is set up for when e.g. family members are looking for participants they cannot find, and other questions. The German Red Cross will have the race numbers and names of all participants.

Be sure to programme the numbers in your mobile phone before the race—it is easy to forget the simplest things in an emergency. Once you have filled out the reverse side of your race number, you have already done a lot for your safety and that of your fellow runners.

We can only ask that you listen to the inner signals of your body and run sensibly. You will do yourself –and us all—a big favour.

Viel Glück! Good luck to all! Bonne chance! See you on the finish line – smiling!

Your real,- BERLIN MARATHON team
Horst Milde

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