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To the members of the BERLIN MARATHON Jubilee Club

30th real,- BERLIN MARATHON on September 27-28, 2003 - Jubilee Club Info 2003


Dear BERLIN MARATHON Jubilee Club members,

On September 27 and 28, the field of participants at the start of the 30th real,- BERLIN MARATHON will again surpass last years record. Over 35,000 runners, wheelchair competitors, and power walkers, and 9,600 inline skaters from 91 countries, and more than 6,500 youth at the 15th MINI MARATHON will be setting new standards in the sport of running at the anniversary marathon in Berlin.

The marathon event will take place in the city over the course of two days, the inline skaters skating on Saturday at 4:00 p.m. in their own marathon—no longer as a pre-programme of the runners. The runners, wheelchair competitors, and power walkers will compete on Sunday. The 30th anniversary and the news that the start and finish were to be moved to near the Brandenburg Gate set off a worldwide boom for the BERLIN-MARATHON – as well as did the loyalty of the BERLIN MARATHON Jubilee members to their race.

For that we can all take pride. We can also take delight in the constantly growing number of members: 1,150 members (74 female and 1,060 male runners and 16 male wheelchair competitors) from 14 countries are represented in the club. On September 28 at the 30th real,- BERLIN MARATHON, 55 “newcomers“ will be “knocking on the door“ of the club, who have all already successfully completed 9 races of the BERLIN MARATHON.

There is something new this anniversary year: green race numbers for the back of your jerseys will be awaiting the 1,150 members at the Jubilee Stand in Hall 23b at the fair in the Masurenallee. They have a large club logo, your full name, and number of the BERLIN MARATHONS completed printed on them.

“Bernd Hübner - 29 fache Teilnahme“ (29th time)

For clarification: the number documents how often the participant SUCCESSFULLY made it to the finish, not just that he entered the race (sometimes one has to “give up“!). We made the choice for this meaning—and Bernd Hübner is of course running for the 30th time—and is sure to make it to the finish. A few innovations are still in the making and will hopefully be able to be completed: All participants who have made it 15-19 times to the finish will receive an additional certificate with a “15“, for 21-25, a “20“certificate, and so on.

All jubilees who finish their 15th, 20th or 25th this year will have their certificates sent to them, except for the one with the “30“, who will receive his certificate at the race.

If it can still be organised, the certificates for those who already have earned the additional certificates will be distributed at the Jubilee Stand in Hall 23b at the fair, near the race number distribution area. Following tradition, Bernd Hübner and his wife will be waiting for you at the Jubilee Stand with a cup of coffee and some marble cake.

If any changes or corrections to your personal data need to be made, you can do so there. And if your portrait is not yet on the internet, you can have your photo taken. All members of the Jubilee Club are listed by name according to the number of races finished in the blue anniversary publication, “30 Years of the BERLIN-MARATHON 1974 – 2003“.

We would also like to let you know that the long-time and successful head of the Jubilee Club, Thomas Bobbert, has passed on his office to Bernd Hübner.

Thomas Bobbert recently finished his MD degree. He will continue his activities in the organising committee of the BERLIN-MARATHON. We would like to thank him at this time for his imaginative and long-lasting work with us. Please pick up your regular race numbers at the official race number distribution, and do not forget to go through the chip control.

We would like to repeat our plea from previous years: Do not start if you are unwell; your ambition is of no use if you get sick on us afterwards. We want healthy and smiling “Jubilees“ at the finish! You are the role models!

We wish all the “out-of-towners“ a good journey to Berlin.


Horst Milde
Race Director

Bernd Hübner
Department Head

Constanze Scholz is available to assist you with any questions at the MARATHON office:
Email: constanze.scholz@berlin-marathon.com - Telephone: 030 – 30 12 88 13

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