AVON Women's Race Berlin 2020 on 16 May 2020

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The Surprise: A live Christmas goose joined in the race

There was no more talk here of running off any more calories.


The Christmas surprise was perfect: at the 4th Berlin “Burn off the Christmas Goose” Run organised by SCC-RUNNING, Santa Claus (Wolfgang Paech) arrived with a friendly live goose, who was even named “Joggy”!

Bernd Hübner invited everyone to join him in his traditional Christmas holiday recuperation and calorie-burning run through the Grunewald Forest - and was „overrun“ by participants. 183 runners (last year 95), of which 14 were dressed as Santa, ran their best as three TV crews sent them out down the snowy paths through the Grune-wald Forest under blue skies and shining sun. The traditional resting point for the training area of the Grunewald was the forest ranger station Saubucht. The runners gave Ranger Lippert a bottle of sparkling wine and some Christmas cake as a thank you. Throughout the year, Ranger Lippert always has fresh water for the runners as they pass through the forest district during their training. Today, rather than refreshing water, he offered mulled wine. The return to Mommsen Stadium was supposedly much easier for all the run-ners afterwards. The sporting administraion of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf opened the Mommsen Stadium as a special service for the Christmas goose runners, who finished off the leftover Christmas stollen cake in the congregation hall of the stadium, after the goose „Joggy“ had been returned to his own pen. There was no more talk here of running off any more calories.

Next dates from SCC-RUNNING. December 31, 2002: 27th Berliner Pilsener New Year’s Eve Run „Donut Run“ January 1, 2003: 32th Berliner New Year’s Day Run „The Charity Run for UNICEF“

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