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1st International Congress for endurance sports and sports medicine

as part of the 29th real.- BERLIN-MARATHON 2002


From September 26 trough 28, Berlin will see the 1st International Congress for endurance sports and sports medicine, to be co-hosted every two years by the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin’s sports medical department and the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON. The congress will be organised in response to the huge demand for information and discussion on topics related to endurance running and medical aspects of the sport. It is intended to provide both a platform for the presentation of recent developments in sports science and a source of information for practicing physicians.

Where does this recent surge of interest in medical issues related to endurance and sports in general originate? With a delay of about one decade with respect to the US, we are witnessing in Germany two opposite trends in public health: a lack of mobility with the consequential injuries and disabilities in some people, an increased focus on sporting activities in others, making a certain level of individual fitness the recognised standard. From both cases result new challenges for general medical science as coordinator and mediator of knowledge, while in practice there remains a lot of catching up to do, in particular as concerns doctors’ specific training and the implementation of motion therapy programmes. The Congress and its subsequent events are supposed to respond to this high demand.

Competent input, however, is also expected from the sports medical sciences. Sports medicine, which is still widely thought to be some sort of “repair shop“ for high-performance athletes, has long undergone a deep structural change. Over the past decade its focus has been shifting from the exclusive commitment to elite performances towards a much more diverse and general fitness oriented clientele. Taking care of such a heterogeneous and numerous group of patients is a challenge not only for sports medicine but for the medical profession in general, and this is where the Congress’ focus groups of interest meet.

On the agenda will be classic sports medical issues in the fields of cardiology, orthopaedics, nutritional and sports sciences, to be treated in summary lectures and workshops. The event venue will be the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Nürnberger Str. 65, 10787 Berlin.

For press accreditations please contact the Congress office:

Tel : 030-30 11 82 19
Fax : 030-30 11 82 29
eMail : info@sportmedizin-berlin.com

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