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28. real,- BERLIN-MARATHON on September 30, 2001



The organisers of the 28th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON have chosen the slogan “RUN FOR PEACE” for this year’s event as a sign of their feelings about the present world political situation.
At the time of announcing the decision to continue with the staging of the event, with over 37,000 participants from 85 countries, athletes were also requested to donate to a fund for the dependents of those New York fire fighters and police who lost their lives in the recent tragic events, and to wear a mourning band on their arm. This run is going to be a run for peace, a peaceful demonstration against the terrorist attack. Our reaction is in line with that of the organisers of the big US marathons in Chicago, (7th October) and New York (4th November), whose events are also to be similar demonstrations.
Entries: 31. 406
inline skaters
wheelchair athletes
power walkers
  37.815 entrants to cover the full marathon distance
  6.326 real,- MINI-MARATHON for schools
(460 school teams)
  44.141 participants overall
of which: 3.921
from Berlin
from abroad
„Nations trophy“: 85 nations
Denmark: 2 207 Netherlands: 1 074
Austria: 822 Switzerland: 818
France: 618 Britain: 645
Sweden: 405 Italy: 399
USA: 361 Finland: 264
Belgium: 148 Poland: 142
Japan: 123 Spain: 89
Norway: 60 Luxembourg: 58
Canada: 50 Australia: 47
Venezuela: 43 Brazil: 35
South Africa: 28 Mexico: 27
New Zealand: 25
Start: Charlottenburger Tor / Strasse des 17. Juni
(runners, wheelchair athletes and power walkers)
An der Urania: Skaters only
Starting times: 8.15 am Wheelchair race
8.25 am Skaters
8.50 am Power walk
9.00 am Runners
8.45 am Wheelchair children demo: Kurfürstendamm / Uhlandstrasse corner
8.45/8.50/8.55 real,- MINI-MARATHON: at km 38 of the marathon course, Hohenzollerndamm (former AEG building)
Starters: Klaus Wowereit, The Governing Mayor of Berlin
Daniel Coats (to be confirmed) United States Ambassador
Warm-up: In the starting area on Strasse des 17. Juni, there will be a collective warm-up animated by a professional gymnastics group (Energy Dance – Uwe Kloss), from 08.00 to 08.40. Runners are invited to join this program which is a combination of warm-up, relaxation and stretching exercises to prepare their major working muscles for the race.
Course: Modifications: Mollstrasse (instead of Karl-Marx-Allee), Potsdamer Platz (instead of Wilhelmstrasse and Stresemannstrasse), Erkstrasse (instead of Innstrasse), Konstanzer Strasse (instead of Brandenburgische Strasse).Brandenburger Tor bottleneck: due to reconstruction works at Brandenburger Tor only three of the five passages are open, which may result in heavy congestion; also, the passage of Pariser Platz square is more narrow than usual.
Finish: Neu: Tauentzienstraße/Ecke Passauer Straße (KaDeWe), statt Kurfürstendamm, Ecke Joachimstaler Straße.
Blue line: The "blue line" (and a green line for skaters from km 23) indicating the shortest possible route to the finish will be drawn onto the road surface on Monday, September 24, from 9pm – escorted by police cars since this procedure runs against the direction of traffic flows at many points. Meeting point: 21.00 sharp at Charlottenburger Tor.
Medals: Every runner past the finish line will receive a medal portraying Naoko Takahashi (JAP), the Sydney Olympics marathon winner. A few weeks after the marathon, every finisher will be mailed a list of results and a diploma which carries a similar portrait of Naoko Takahashi.
Sun flower: All female participants will receive a sunflower at the finish.
Music marathon: Music makes life easier, running too. The SCC is calling on all Berliners to help to liven up the atmosphere of Berlin’s biggest public event with music. That means bands, musical instruments that people take to the run, broadcast music, and so on. The real,- BERLIN-MARATHON will be the world’s longest outdoor jazz meet. More than sixty musical groups, including jazz bands and, due to tradition, many samba teams, will perform along the course.
Massage service: Six physiotherapy schools from Berlin will offer this special service for sore muscles. Altogether, 360 trainees will be ready along the course and in the finish area to knead and loosen up runners’ much-pounded muscles.
Television: ARD/SFB Sportschau live: 08.50 to 11.30
B1 SportPalast extra: 11.30 to 13.00
B1 SportPalast extra: 21.00 to 21.45
Results: The Berlin daily newspaper "Tagesspiegel" will publish the full provisional results with all finishing times on Monday, October 1.
Oldest entrants: Maria Seng, AUT (SC Offenbach), born 1926
Aleona Larach, MAR born 1926
Heinrich Blümchen, Herford, born 1918
Kalevi Karesniemi, FIN, Helsinki, born 1923
Marcel Corcuff, FRA, Angers, born 1923
Einar Mundal, NOR, Voss, born 1924
Orla Hegelund, DEN, Jaegerspris, born 1925
Ryokan Miyamoto, JAP, Shi Fukui, born 1925
Sport & Health Exhibition, 27–29 September 2001, Hall 9, on Messedamm: Race number pick-up, and souvenir sale. More than 100 exhibitors offering sports gear and information on all aspects of endurance sports, running and other healthy exercises.
Thursday, 27 September 2001, from noon to 7pm
Friday, 28 September 2001, from noon to 7pm
Saturday, 29 September 2001, from 10am to 7pm
Breakfast Run: at 9.30am, on Saturday, 29 September 2001,
starting at the Schloß Charlottenburg castle, finishing at the Olympiastadion.
Bambini Run: at 3pm, on Saturday, 29 September 2001, starting at the Sommergarten
Pasta Party: Saturday, 29 September 2001, from 2pm to 6pm
UNICEF: „Kick out Polio" is the motto of this year’s UNICEF fund-raising action A celebrities’ relay will cover the 42.195 km to raise money for children in need. The relay positions: Joey Kelley (singer; going on to run the full distance), Guido Westerwelle (politician), Axel Schultz (boxer), Daniela Noack (announcer), Gregor Prächt (tenor), Uta Pippig (runner), Judy Weiss (musical star), Cem Özdemir (politician), Jürgen Röber (football coach).
Presentation of awards: Sunday, 30 December 2001, 1 to 6pm, on Breitscheidplatz (finish area)
Farewell disco: Sunday, 30 December 2001, from 8pm. BKA-Luftschloß (in the tents), on Schlossplatz, Berlin-Mitte (city centre) 11pm: Victory ceremony

The 28th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 2001 on the Internet In 1997, the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON started to present information world-wide about the event, during the actual running of the race, through its web-site http://www.berlin-marathon.com. The 2001 race will see the most comprehensive live on-line presentation of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON so far. For participants, retrieval of the results to be made available immediately after the race will obviously be the most important service. Within a few minutes of the close of the finish line, runners will be able to obtain their provisional result and a diploma via the Internet. This year, for the first time, several results servers will be used to meet the demand of those accessing the service, allowing load distribution.
The real,- BERLIN-MARATHON’s official net partner, Comline AG, will provide and maintain the main web server – www.berlin-marathon.com – and deal with network connections.

Another service, inaugurated in 2000, is the SMS results service. Participants can register up to three mobile telephone numbers to which a message including the runner’s provisional placing, time, and other details, will be transmitted immediately. While in 2000 a total of 10,705 messages were sent out to runners, it is expected that this year it will be as many as 30,000 messages. The messages are, as a rule, sent within 3 seconds of a runner crossing the finishing line. Three webcams placed at the finishing line and along the approach to the finish will transmit live pictures through the internet during the event.

At the same time, in cooperation with the ARD and SFB, a live stream showing the television images being broadcast nationally will be available on the web.

As part of the run-up to the 28th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON, a mobile event guide for palmtops was developed in co-operation with the Mercuryguide company. Participants can download the Berlin City Guide including restaurant information, as well as all the important information about the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON, from www.berlin-marathon.com. The guide can also be downloaded into personal palmtops from so called “Beaming Stations” at the marathon exhi-bition which runs from 27th to 29th September in the Messehallen.

Internet online registration for the 28th real-, BERLIN MARATHON 2001 has been a big success. There were some 13,747 online registrations – about 40% of a total of over 37,000 en-tries. The real,- BERLIN MARATHON’s web pages, which feature not only all there is to know about the real,-BERLIN MARATHON, but also information about SCC Berlin’s other running events and plenty of interesting news for runners, are already showing high levels of visits. So far the organisers of the biggest German Marathon have registered over 3.6 million page hits from 572,000 visitors to their internet pages.There has been a web forum at http://forum.berlin-marathon.com where runners can swap bibs, ask the organisers questions, or get in touch with other participants. By the end of August 2001, the forum had already counted 180,000 page hits from 21,000 visitors.

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